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If yes, you should be aware of the latest tyre labelling updates by the European Union. Benten Auto Experts Ltd. have updated its tyre collection with models that come with the latest EU tyre label.

Here's more on the updated guidelines.

New rules on tyre Labelling

In 2012, the EU passed a mandate that all car tyres should have a label detailing their noise emission level, fuel efficiency and wet grip. From 1st May 2021, the European Union brought some changes in tyre labelling. As per this update, truck and bus tyres will have tyre labels on them.

The updates are as follows:

Noise Emission

Earlier, EU tyre labels used to represent sound emission levels of a tyre in the form of bars. Now, this level is defined with the help of alphabets A, B and C. The tyres in the A category have the lowest noise emissions, and the ones in the C category have the highest. The sound emission will also be notified in decibels.

Wet-Grip Performance

EU's old tyre label used to represent a tyre's wet grip performance through seven classes, A to G. The new rules represent the wet grip performance of a tyre through 5 classes, A to E.

Fuel Efficiency

In the EU's previous labelling system, the fuel efficiency rating of a tyre had seven classes, A to G. Now, a tyre's fuel efficiency rating has five classes, A to E. A-rated tyres are the most fuel efficient.

Additional Information

  • All tyres will have a QR code on their labels which will offer all their related information from the EPREL database when you can scan via a gadget.
  • Nordic winter tyres will have the new stalagmite icon on their labels.
  • Snow performance winter tyres will have a 3PMSF symbol.

Our workshop only stocks tyres Reading that carries new labels.