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Are you looking for Clutch Service for your vehicle?

Issues in your vehicle’s clutch assembly can impact the mechanism of gears and affect the acceleration of your car. So, car owners need to opt for a detailed clutch inspection at regular intervals.

If you are looking for professional clutch services Reading, just get in touch with us - Benten Auto Experts Ltd.

We are a renowned facility offering quality vehicular services to enhance our customer’s driving comfort and safety. Our experienced technicians closely inspect the different clutch components and devise an effective solution immediately. Moreover, we can change any faulty clutch components fitting OE-grade spares if necessary.

Apart from that, we offer a fair pricing policy, always informing our clients and issuing detailed estimates, before starting any work, so an informed decision can be made.

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Drive to our facility at Unit 9 Tunbridge Jones Business Park, Reading, Reading, RG2 0JT.

Please note: You can also book a clutch service online via the online booking tool on our website. Our team will collect the vehicle from your preferred location and deliver it back after the necessary job is done.

What are the clutch components we check?

Our technicians use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to inspect the following clutch components:

  • Flywheel
  • Clutch plate
  • Cables
  • Pressure plates
  • Clutch disc
  • Pilot bearing
  • Release mechanism, etc.

Our technicians will carefully inspect all clutch assembly components to find any underlying rust, corrosion or damage.

Since it is not safe to repair worn-out or damaged clutch components, we will replace the faulty components with OE-grade spares. This will ensure dependable performance and safety.

What are the signs of a faulty clutch?

These are the most common signs that indicate you need to seek professional help regarding your vehicle’s clutch assembly:

Grinding noise

A growling or squeaking noise when you try to push the brake pedal can be a major indication of a faulty clutch assembly. Moreover, you might hear strange grinding noises when you shift gears that might reduce when you disengage the clutch.

Juddering clutch pedal

If your vehicle’s clutch pedal vibrates unusually, it can be due to a damaged clutch disc gripping the flywheel. Come down to us for a prompt and efficient clutch check Reading.

Burning Smell

The smell of burning rubber from the car cabin can be an early sign of faulty clutch assembly. This could be due to wearing out of the clutch plate.

Other major signs include:

  • Clutch slippage
  • Stuttering clutch
  • Faulty transmission and more

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