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Are you looking for Emission Test for your vehicle?

Your vehicle can fail its MOT if its emission level is not within its required Euro standards. If you are in search of a reliable MOT testing station that also offers pre-MOT emission tests Reading at affordable rates, come to us - Benten Auto Experts Ltd.

We are an independent garage offering exhaust emission checks for all petrol and diesel-powered vehicles. Benten Auto Experts is backed by a team of experts familiar with all emission check procedures and the updated Euro 6 standards.

How does our emission test process look like?

Strictly abiding by all government-recommended processes for emission tests, the technicians at Benten Auto Experts Ltd. follow these steps for the entire procedure:

  • Firstly, they ensure whether a car has adequate coolant level, engine oil and fuel that is necessary to conduct this test.
  • Our technicians accurately determine whether the car’s engine is within normal operating temperature by inserting an oil temperature probe into the dipstick.
  • After all preliminary checks, they park the vehicle in a neutral position. Then they increase the engine speed to half of its maximum and hold it for 20 seconds. After this, they let the engine return to its normal speed.
  • Following that, we check the emission coming from the exhaust. A car will fail this test if its exhaust is emitting dense blue or black smoke.
  • After visual inspection, we assess the concentration of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in the exhaust gases by using an approved analyser. Notably, the engine functions at its normal speed during this test. The analyser continuously displays the result until it gets a stable figure.
  • Our technicians record the final analyser result and tell motorists whether their car complies with its recommended Euro emission standard. If the vehicle does not comply, we will offer to carry out the necessary replacements and repairs.

Before we start any work on your vehicle, we will certainly explain to you what needs doing and give you an idea about the costs.

You can now quit searching for “emission test near me” and reach out to us today. We are located at Unit 9 Tunbridge Jones Business Park, Reading, Reading, RG2 0JT. Alternatively, you can contact us by calling on 0118 975 7999 or dropping ane mail at bentenautoexperts@yahoo.com.