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Are you looking for Battery Check for your vehicle?

Your car battery is responsible for maintaining the optimal functioning of your vehicle's electrical components.

Hence, it's crucial to ensure that the car battery is working properly. If you notice a slow engine crank while starting your car, it can be due to a dying car battery. Make sure to come to Benten Auto Experts Ltd. Our professional car battery check service Reading will help to rectify all car battery-related issues of your vehicle.

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What causes car batteries to fail?

Apart from age-related wear-and tear, these are the main reasons for a failing car battery:

  • Damaged battery terminals
  • Defects in the battery's charging system
  • Taking frequent short trips in your vehicle
  • Car sitting idle for long periods of time
  • Unfavourable temperatures especially during the winter months

Signs of a failing car battery

Here are a few potent signs of a damaged car battery:

Inflated battery case

A damaged car battery often tends to overheat. As a result, the battery case might swell up. If you notice this sign, come to us as soon as you can for our car battery replacement service Reading.

Vehicle's electrical components start malfunctioning

Your car's battery provides power to all the electrical components in your vehicle. So if the battery starts failing, it's quite natural for the car's electrical components, like the AC, radio, lights etc., to malfunction.

Warning symbol showing on the dashboard

The battery sign showing on your vehicle’s dashboard is a potent sign that there is something wrong with your car battery. Bring your vehicle to our facility straight away and let us take care of the issue.

Headlights becoming dim

If you notice that the headlights of your vehicle are getting dimmer, be sure that it's a problem with your car's battery. Come to us for a car battery replacement Reading today.

Battery check and replacement service

When you come to us for a battery service, our technicians will also thoroughly inspect the following vehicle battery components:

  • Charging point
  • Wires
  • Battery terminals
  • Cables, etc.

Our team will then decide on the best course of action. If required, we will replace the faulty battery.

You can also book a battery replacement service Reading with us online.