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When should you visit us for an EML Diagnosis Reading?

EML, installed within the instrument cluster on the dashboard, warns the driver about engine concerns. It is connected to Engine Control Unit or ECU to collect information from the sensors near the engine and exhaust system. ECU alerts the driver by illuminating the EML when there are some issues with the car engine components.

If your vehicle’s EML or Engine Management Light is on, understand it is time for a comprehensive EML diagnosis.

Check the EML colour and condition to determine the underlying issue:

Amber EML

It is an advisory warning indicating a malfunctioning engine resulting in diminished emissions.

However, if the amber EML flashes, you may already experience:

  • Engine misfiring
  • Odd noises while driving
  • Unusual juddering


It indicates severe defects. If you notice that the EML has turned red, reach us for a thorough inspection as soon as possible.

Note: We provide car collection and delivery options to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and convenience.

Why does the EML blink?

Blocked Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF

Excessive carbon deposit prevents exhaust gases from passing. In such situations, the engine automatically initiates DPF regeneration. If it fails, EML will blink.

Disproportionate fuel and air mixture

Correct air and fuel mixture enables smooth engine functioning. The air-fuel mixture burns inside the engine combustion chambers of your car. The ECU will take data from the MAF sensor or mass airflow sensor to find the right fuel amount necessary to provide for matching with the amount of air flowing into the engine.

Any damage to this sensor or any incorrect data by it can trigger the EML.

Worn-out exhaust system

The oxygen sensors measure the amount of unburnt oxygen that passes through the system. If damaged, the process will be disrupted and this will cause the EML to illuminate.

A blinking EML also indicates an inaccurate fuel level.

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