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Are you looking for DPF Cleaning for your vehicle?

Modern Diesel-powered vehicles have a specialised DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) installed, which captures carbon residues like soot or fly ash and the residues of Sulphur and Nitrogen produced during the combustion procedure.

But, there is a limit up to which this filter can work optimally, after which it is necessary to burn all residues via a defined technique to avoid clogging. That is why experts recommend opting for a DPF cleaning every six to nine months.

If you are looking for a reliable garage offering services of DPF cleaning Reading, turn to Benten Auto Experts Ltd. without a second thought.

Our technicians will thoroughly look into your car’s DPF and then decide on the right course of action. Besides an adequately equipped facility with advanced equipment, we are backed by experienced technicians who can efficiently regenerate a car’s clogged DPF, ensuring it performs optimally again.

Importance of routine DPF Cleaning

You should opt for routine DPF cleaning because it:

  • Lowers the toxicity of the gases emitted during combustion procedure, thereby helping you to abide by the environment-friendly standards in the UK
  • Prevents the accumulation of soot and other carbon residues, which ensures that the filter functions optimally and is clean
  • Helps keep your engine in good health and enhances its performance

Tell-tale signs of a clogged DPF System

Listed below are some symptoms of a clogged DPF:

  • Decreased engine performance as harmful fumes affects the ignition procedure
  • DPF warning light is on
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Black smoke coming out from the exhaust’s tailpipe

Are you noticing any of these warning signs?

Visit our facility for a thorough inspection and cost-effective DPF cleaning.

Why choose us?

Our experience and expertise help us provide efficient DPF cleaning for all diesel-powered vehicles. The technicians at Benten Auto Experts Ltd. use best-in-class equipment for the inspection procedure and follow one of these three methods of DPF cleaning:

Passive Regeneration

We will make your car engine run at 40 mph speed for roughly 20 minutes in this procedure. This will heat the DPF to more than 600°C and burn all the trapped soot off.

Manual Regeneration

If your car requires a manual DPF regeneration, we have got you covered - we have experts who are well aware of all the know-how of manual regeneration.

Active Regeneration

In this process, we inject raw fuel into the diesel oxidisation catalyst (DOC). This fuel increases the temperature inside DPF, thereby removing clogging.

Therefore, end your “DPF cleaning near me” searches and come to us.

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