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Are you looking for Engine Flush for your vehicle?

Are you noticing reduced engine performance and acceleration lately?

Then you should opt for an engine flush to ensure smooth engine and exhaust performance.

Benten Auto Experts Ltd. offers affordable engine flush Reading.

Wondering why your vehicle needs this service?

During combustion, the car’s engine oil may mix with dust, debris and metal particles and lead to the formation of sludge. This can affect the lubricant flow and reduce the engine performance.

A timely engine flush from a trusted garage like ours will help you avoid unnecessary repair and replacement expenses. We will remove this build-up effectively to restore the optimal engine performance.

When should you visit us?

Go through the following symptoms to understand when your car needs an engine flush service Reading.

  • Failed MOT test due to high emissions
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Odd noise emitted by the engine
  • In case of a turbo replacement
  • Filling the wrong fuel in the vehicle
  • If opted for a head gasket replacement service

Apart from these, if you are planning to change the engine oil, consider opting for an engine flush service for optimum results.

How will we help?

Our workshop is equipped with best-in-class tools, and a team of highly proficient professionals adept at dealing with all car makes and models.

We only use high-grade engine flush additives to remove harsh impurities, both oil-soluble and oil-insoluble. They follow the steps below to ensure effective results.

Step 1: Our technicians will inject a chemical additive into the car’s engine oil through its filling port.

Step 2: They will keep the engine idle for 10 to 15 minutes for the flush to get mixed with engine oil and reach different parts to ensure the chemical reaction dissolves them completely.

Step 3: Our experts will drain the oil and the dissolved deposits.

Step 4: They will replace the oil and oil filter of the car.

You can rest assured of the following after opting for an engine flush Reading from us:

  • Enhanced fuel economy
  • Improved engine performance and service life
  • Visibly cleaner oil
  • Protection against unnecessary engine wear
  • Smoother and quieter ride
  • Reduced CO and smoke emissions
  • Uncompromised vehicle responsiveness

So, don’t wait up. Contact us today for a reliable engine flush service at affordable rates.

You can reach us at Unit 9, Tunbridge Jones Business Park, Reading, Reading, RG2 0JT.

For more information, you can also call us on 0118 975 7999.